Friday, September 25, 2009


I got the best news yesterday!!! I had a conference with Jimmy's teacher to see how his testing went. They test them at the beginning of the year, then midway and then at the end of the year.
Well he did awesome, he did better then most kids in his class. He is in the highest reading group they have at that grade level, and by the end of the year they want all kids to score a 80% or higher. Well its the beginning of the year and they started testing the 2ND week of school just to see where kids are at. So they don't have high expectations for them to be at 80% at the start of the year. Well I am proud to say my son scored a 77%, I am so freakin over the moon. I knew he was smart but come on I am his mom so its wonderful to hear from the teacher that he is above average.

I just hope to keep him wanting to learn more and more as he grows. we do learning games daily and read daily. He loves the library, which we go to at least once a week. And I am already giving him spelling words which he has to write 5XS a night, its not like I am being tough on him at this young age, he really enjoys it. I try to do it with Brooklyn but she is still young and don't have to much of a interest, she only turned 4 in June. She does love to read and write and stuff like that, but after 10. Min's she has had enough. SO I don't push her. Each kid is different and each kid has their own way and time of doing things, I just want them to know that we are here for them and give them the tools to exceed.

well after the teacher gave us the wonderful news of his test scores, she then told us he was picked for student of the month. I could not be prouder!!!! my baby is student of the month and the first one of the new school year at that, how awesome!!!!
Then as we are leaving another teacher and the Secretary stopped us to tell us what a wonderful boy Jimmy is and that we should be proud knowing we are doing a great job raising him. I swear I could get compliments like that all day. I know my kids are smart and beautiful and usually good, but its really great to hear that from others.
Now don't get me wrong they can be evil little demons who make me want to rip my hair out from time to time but I am so grateful that I can be their mother and help them become their own person.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the big 30

So I am sitting here just thinking where all my years have gone, and what I have done over the years. I am going to be 30 on Sunday and I still cant belive it. I just dont feel that age, I dont really think as 30 as old, I just cant belive I am going to be 30. Where has the years gone. Has being a wife/mother really taken all my 20s and made time go faster.

I remember as a kid, getting excited for my birthday. The gifts, cake and just one more year down. All those special ages you wanted to be. 13 so you can finally say I am a teenager, then 15 so you could get your permit, 16 so you can drive!! 18 your an adult and most likley are graduating highschool. 20 your not in the teens nomore and only one year till you can drink!! then of course 21 you can drink now!! Then what??? I dont have anymore ages to look forward to, I am not saying it all goes down hill, but the excitment of your birthdays are gone. I mean what can you say, I am gonna be 30 and I can do???? well what?? What can I do that I couldnt before?? Its just kinda sad in a way. So now I look forward to my kids turning older and seeing how much they have growned and learned from year to year. And see the excitment in thier faces as they turn those wonderful ages and have the yearly countdown till they can do this and that.

So here I sit a few days from the big 30 and I feel sad not because I am getting old, cause I am not, you are only as old as you feel. and this chick still feels in her mid 20s at times, but I feel sad cause the excitment of my own birthday is gone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


25 Firsts...
1. Who was your first prom date? I only went my Jr. year cause I was too busy my senior year with work, but Jr. year was a blast and I went with my then boyfriend Carl Brenner.

2. Do you still talk to your first love? my first childhood love .. I have not talked to him in about 11 years and found out that he passed a few months ago. and even though we didn't talk anymore it still hurt a little cause I was with him on and off for those important teenage years.

.3. What was your first alcoholic drink? I am not totally sure on the flav. but it was wine coolers that me and my then BFF Amy stole from her parents and went in the backyard and got pretty darn buzzed, I was only 13 so it did not take much,lol

4. What was your first job? I was a cashier at the neighborhood Sparkles, it was really fun. I worked with a bunch of people I grew up with.

5. What was your first car? a 1988 Oldsmobile delta 88, it was my moms but after I wrecked it the first time she didn't want anything to do with it,lol I ruined it. it was beautiful before I drove it by the time I was done with it. it had dents all around,lol Those telephone poles really did jump out at me and that dang drive thru moved when I was going thru it,hahaha

6. Who was the first person to text you today? no one today =(

7. Who was the first person you thought of this morning? I guess Jimmy since he is who I wake up first, I lay in bed with him and tickle him till he wakes up, he loves it,lol

8. Who was your first grade teacher? Omg you know I am old, cause I can not remember! I had Mrs. Miller for 2ND grade

9. Where did you go on your first flight, in an airplane.... that would be to Jamaica, well I lived in the Cleveland area at the time so we flew out of Cleveland to Miami then from there To Jamaica. It was AWESOME!!!!! we will go back someday!

10. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk? hmmm my first best friend would have been Tracey and I have not talked or seen her since I was 15 years old.

11. Where was your first sleep over? probably my cousins Shannon's, we were real close growing up I remember staying like a week at her house then going home and that night she would be staying at my house for like a week.

12. Who was the first person to talked to today? Jimmy when I woke his sleepy butt up.

13. Whose wedding were you in for the first time? my moms when I was like 9 and she married my step father, I still remember that dang dress it was sooo itchy!!!

14. What was the first thing you did this morning? turn the coffee pot on!!!!!

15. What was the, first concert you went to? hmm I think early 90s I went to end fest and seen candlebox and a bunch others it was cool.

16. First Tattoo? I was 15 i got a black widow spider on the back of my neck. I still remember calling my mom and she is like what did you get and where and she freaked, she thought I was gonna come home with a spider and web around my neck,lol Its in a good place no one can see it unless my hair is up.

17. First piercing? I have no idea, I was real little.

18. First foreign country you went to? Canada, beautiful!! Use to go with my parents and then for our anniversary one year Jim woke me up and told me to pack a bag he was taking me out of town for a few days, I had no idea where we were going till we were almost there, he can be sweet at times,lol

19. First movie you remember seeing? I have no idea, I do remember going to the drive inn in Pittsburgh to see Howard the duck,lol I should rent that for the kids too see.

20. What state you lived in? well I was born In Erie Pa. and lived there till I was about 6 Then to Ohio till I was 24, then Jim and I moved to Michigan for a few years and now we live in Florida where I hope to be forever,lol

21. Who was your first roommate? well when I was 17 me and Amy rented a house for like 2 months,lol didn't work out too well so I moved back home and then I moved in with Jim when I was 20 and have been living with him since.

.22. When was your first detention? I have no idea what or when,lol I would say 9Th grade and probably skipping school or something like that.

23. When was your first kiss? I was 13 it was with my first real boyfriend Mike, we were on the trail at Mill Creek Park, I just remember being so scared since I had no idea what to do plus I was worried about his braces,lol It was really nice but then my friend Amy had told everyone so they all came to the trail to try and catch us and that was embarrassing. It was a really nice first kiss with someone I really liked.

24. What is one thing you would learn, if given the chance? I would love too learn to surf that would be soo cool and I just love the water, maybe 1 day!

25. Who will be the next to post this...???????????????????????????????

Monday, September 21, 2009

just my monday

what a morning, I go to take the kids to school and the car seats are missing!!!!! Jim forgot to put them in my car so I am freakin, what to do what to do. so The kids school are only 3 Min's. from the house so I strap them in, now the two oldest I was not worry about of course they still need the booster seats they are short kids,lol But Derrick that had me freakin. so I drop the two off and take the back streets to where Jim works its only 10-12 Min's away but I tell you I was freaking out. all that kept running through my head was oh god the cops are gonna stop me or worse this will be the day something happens, it was the longest 10 Min's of my life (well not really,lol) so I get to his work and I didn't even yell his face said it all,lol he just kept saying I am sorry I got up late and was just not on my game this morning. I said its all good now but new rule if the car seats need switched we do it the night before,lol I can not go through that again.

I am the type of person that tries to stick to the rules/laws. Now don't get me wrong I am not a goody two shoe I have done my share of things, I have partied in abandoned houses growing up, drink under age, smoked pot, had sex at 15. But as I grew up (keyword grew up) and became a wife and mother things changed. everything I do affects Jim and the kids, so that is what I think of when I do things. So I try and make good choices, now that don't mean I always do but who does.

so anyways I get home get some cleaning done, well actually alot I am ahead today for it being a Monday! GO ME!!!! =) so maybe I will have everything done before tonight so I can go to the gym.
I have been really slipping on the gym and I can see the weight,lol you know how it is summertime comes and you are busy doing this and that. then the shit with Jim doing a job switch affected me wanting to go. so This week I plan to get back into my Monday - Friday zone at the gym and I set a goal to quit smoking AGAIN!! I will I just need to pick a date and do it.
Things have been crazy here but a good crazy, the kids are in school and loving it!! they just started back at Sunday school and they love it, i love it too. I was not really into church growing up and after my grandmother passed and my parents split my mom and dad did not push us to stay, so I am a Sunday school 4Th grade drop out,lol but when I decided to get the kids into it I didn't want to be a hypocrite so I started going again, and I tell you I could not get over the calm peace fullness I felt that first day, it was like almost a feeling of coming home. So now I enjoy going and even made my adult confirmation. my only grip is when do I get to sleep in and stay up late,lol I cant stay up late on Fridays cause I get up early and zonk out, then come sat. I am up early cause I went to bed early on Fri. and then sat. night I need to go to bed early so I can get up for church,lol I need a thanksgiving break now,lol

so things have been good and that is all I can ask for.
I will write more later there is stuff I need to get off my chest but the kids are being super loud and I need to switch laundry before I go get Jimmy from school. why don't laundry ever end,lol

Friday, September 11, 2009

an update

oh my its been a very pretty long time since I have blogged, So much has gone on and I really dont have time to get to much into at the moment. So this will be quick and maybe at a later date I can go into it more.

well My husband Jim's job was killing him, he was never home and when he was home he worked on the laptop and blackberry every second of the day, he would fall asleep at the laptop he would be waken up at odd hours because of work, he had lost like 20lbs in 2 years due to all the stress, started having annxiety attacks, the first one he had, he knew something was wrong and went to the drs and they put him on meds and pretty much told him he should think of getting a new job that this one would most likley lead to a heart attack ( both his dad and grandfather had died in there early 50s due to heart problems, so I know that freaked him out) but he loved his job has been doing it for 12 years and makes really good money. My father also works for the same company and I had to(thats how we met) but about 4 years ago the companey was sold and the new owners dont care about the people all they care about is the money and they are pretty much killing the people. well thats just a short version anyways come may he (my hubby) pretty much had it, he was at his breaking point and didnt know what to do, so it got bad for a minute I talked him into going on med leave to give him some time to work it all out, so he did but he was just a mess. Broken is the only word that comes to mind when I think of it.
I did my best to keep things normal, which was hard at times. we were getting screwed every which way you could think, his short tearm disability denied us saying his issues was due to work, DUH!!!!! so they said workmans comp which we knew was gonna be bullshit since there is no physical injury, so again turned down. thankgod we had some money saved. and he ended up being on med leave from begging of may till June 25th and then we decided it was time to end it, move on. he is still young enough to start over and I knew something would come his way, yeah I knew we would end up taking a major paycutt, but I reather have him home and able to do things with us.
it got pretty hairy for a min. but he found a new job, he is in a 3-4 month training program and its a big paycut but you know what we will make it work, having him really be home when he is home is awesome, he has more energy and just seems like my old Jim.

well the kids are back in school. Brooklyn is in her first year of pre-k and she likes it and on her 2nd day she made a best friend,lol
Jimmy is in kindergarten now and loves it, He has already brought such great reports home from his teacher, he is just a amazing little man.

And then there is My Derrick who is home with me and I think he is now enjoying that mommy Derrick time, like today after we dropped the kids off at school we got breakfast and went to the beach and ate and had a nice walk.
well there is one thing left to blog about but that subject is just something I cant get into right now so maybe another day another blog. thanks for reading....