Thursday, December 17, 2009

tis the season

Well its that time of year. I love Christmas, everything about it. One of my favorite things is going to pick out our tree, just looking for the perfect one for us and then of course bringing it home and watching Jim fight with the stand,lol he was pretty funny this year and he actually broke the stand so I bought a new one and when I brought that home he had the biggest smile cause its a great stand, he should have no issues next year,lol and this year after Jim put the lights up I let the kids go to town and they did an awesome job. mommy only had to fix a few,lol also this is the first year they leave the tree be!! I am in heaven,haha

well we had a friend come watch the kids and Jim and I did our Christmas shopping, I do some by myself but I believe we should do it together after all we are both Santa plus any chance to get out together alone is great. We did pretty good I think we only want a little over our set budget this year, much better then last year, boy did I go a bit crazy last year,heehee After our shopping was done we headed over to Red Lobster for dinner, oh my how I love seafood!!! When Jim and I first started dating he took me to red lobster cause my mom told him that's my fav place. He was not a seafood person then but you got to give the man credit he sat across from me while I cracked, slurped and completely pigged out,haha He did look a bit ill here and there =) well he is much better now, he likes shrimp,crab legs and lobster so he is a keeper!!! After the holidays I want to take Derrick and Brooklyn out to eat there as they share my love of seafood, I figure that Jim can take Jimmy somewhere so he don't feel left out,lol

The house is all ready to go, I still have to wrap and today I am sitting here and like oh shit I forgot the wrapping paper and tape. How could I do that,lol I will go tonight and get some. I am hoping to have Jim take the kids out this weekend so I can get some wrapping done. after we do Christmas eve children's mass Jim takes the kids out for Ice cream, yes I said ice cream I do live in Florida so hot chocolate don't seem right most days here anyways they get the ice cream and they drive around looking at houses all decorated while I am at home wrapping and wrapping. so most likely that's what will happen I really do worker faster under pressure,haha

I just cant wait to see the kids faces, its the best thing when they are yelling LOOK!!! and then after all is said and done I can look over at my husband and smile thinking another year done and over and we did good!!

I miss my family something horrible. I am super close to my family and its really hard not being able to be home for the holidays but I should be getting use to it right?? well wrong it still hurts.But I will be on the phone ALL day with them,lol I would love love love to live closer to my family but I cant give up Florida,lol I am so not a snow person, I love the sun and fun kinda life. My mom and my mother in law keep talking about moving here in a few years, my dad will not budge as he says his house is paid off why would he move,lol I would love my siblings to come on down but don't really see that happening for many reasons. so I will just treasure those times I am with them. And for us not living close to our family our kids are very close to their grandparents, aunts, and uncles. it would be nice for them to have that great bond with their cousins the way I did growing up but really lets quit with the what ifs.

I will have to go take a pictures of the palm tress all decorated for the holidays I still find it funny as hell,lol

well I need to go pick Brooklyn up and take her to the Dr. for a checkup she is getting her adenoids removed on the 31st I guess that's a great way to end 2009!!lol