Monday, March 30, 2009

just a bit upset

well I am just so upset, I joined shapes about a month ago. which I do love. The gym is awesome, the staff is great, the kids love the day care, and I love almost all classes they have. well when I joined I joined a smart start program, you meet up with a personal trainer, they weigh you and take all your measurements and then find out what your BMI is. Then they work out a strength training program, and set a goal for the month, and after that month you will be re measured and stuff.

well for the last month I workout usually 5-6 days a week, I do cardio everyday and my weights and strength training every other, plus I do about 4 classes a week. I have changed my eating to 5 meals a day, am now drinking more water, cut out pop, cut coffee intake down. plus I did quit smoking a while back.
Today was my day to find out what I have lost in 30 days. I gained 4 freakin lbs!!!!!!!!! WTF
my measurements are not that off, my chest is a bit bigger, but to be fair Derrick has not been on the boob in a few days and I am not dried out so I am a bit full there. My hips and waist has changed a bit, again not much. and My BMI has dropped like.2.........again WTF!!!! I am so ready to buy some freakin smokes,lol
the strange thing is I feel great, go figure.
so I guess I will just work out harder and I have talked with Jim about getting a few sessions with a personal trainer. those are not cheap,I want to say $60-$70 a session. ugh, I just don't win.

oh this is too funny, This morning I was in my bedroom cleaning and Derrick was asking for eggs, I said when Mommy is done I will make you some. he leaves the room. a few min. later I go to the kitchen where I find Derrick sitting on the floor breaking eggs open into a frying pan, with a big smile on his face, I help mommy. I just looked at him and the mess and started to laugh my butt off. though it did suck cleaning egg of my floor, it was just one of those moments you hope to never forget.

well I am going to go always

Saturday, March 28, 2009

lemonade/cookies/ and boats

we had a great day today, we took the kids to the boat parade. It was a nice day to do so warm but breezy and I mean really breezy, so we watched the decorated boats go by, it was about an hour long. we get home and I notice Brooklyn is a little pink on her cheeks. Shit, I forgot to put sun block on them, I should know better we have lived in Florida for over two years. I am like alright no big deal shes just a bit pink, and the boys look ok.

well we just played and had a great day. The kids and I made homemade lemonade, they have been bugging me to do this for about a week now. So I bought some lemons and got my little gadget out and they had much fun squeezing the juice out,lol and I must say I make the best lemonade =) so then my little monsters bug me to make cookies, I give in... we made chocolate chip for the kids and chocolate,toffee chip for mommy and daddy. yum-o!!!!!!!!!

after getting all sticky and messy I threw them in the tub well as I take Derrick's shirt off I notice his shoulders are a bit pinkish, after washing his dirty face and I mean dirt with a bit of his face showing ( he reallly got dirty) I notice he is pretty red even the top of his head. I feel like the worse mom ever my baby looks like a lobster. The good thing is he dont seem to be bothered by it, so I lathered him up with alo and he should be ok.

on a great note, I can say I GOT MY BOOBS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy he has not been on the boob in 3 days, and has not even asked for it in the last 2 How awesome is that he woke me up this morning and said--I need milk please. =)

my husband also thinks we should be able to head to Ohio on April 10th!!! I should know monday or tuesday for sure, but he said as long as his ops is ok with the dates we are good to go. well I should go and watch House, I just started watching that show like 2 weeks ago, and I love it I have my dvr recording episodes daily,lol
the pictures are of Jimmy and Brooklyn with the spoons on them, Jim taught them how to do that and now they won't stop,lol
and then a picture of the boys watching the parade together, and an example of the boats. till later

Monday, March 23, 2009


so I have gotten alot done around the house this morning, I got the kitchen cleaned both bathrooms, and picked up two of the bedrooms. I am now waiting for Derrick to take a nap so I can mop the dining room and living room floors. Then I think I will make it to the gym. I just called Jim to remind him to be home around 7pm so I can go to the rock bottoms class they have on mondays, its my fav. class its hard and painfull,lol but I love it and have been doing it for a few weeks now. well boo hoo Jim has a big store going on tonight that he wants to go to just to keep an eye on. so no class tonight for me, The daycare is open but the class is at 730 till about 830pm and thats pushing bed time, so I figure I will just run down do my weights and cardio and hit up a class in the morning.

So Derrick is almost 22 months and still being nursed, I know what the heck is wrong with me,lol Well I belive in making things easier on me so I wait till they are ready,lol I nursed Jimmy till he was 14 months old and he seemed ready to get off and he was easy. Brooklyn was a bit harder she was 17 months. Derrick is sooo freakin hard, well Friday I decided enough is enough, I want my boobs back,lol so I started refusing him. he was not real happy he yealled and screamed boobie boobie boobie, it was so sad and funny as hell. here is my cute little boy screaming at the top of his lungs trying to pull my shirt off calling for HIS boobie,hahaha
well I am happy to say he no longer cries for it, has stoped asking for it and falls asleep on his own. However he still wakes up around 330-4am wanting it and I give it to him out of habit, to be fair I dont even realize it.
You see I let my babies sleep with me, I know some people think thats bad and its not like I intended it that way, they would always go in there crib but somehow I would wake up with them in bed and my boob out. so now I need to make myself aware of what I am doing and get out of bed and refuse him. so wish me luck on this,lol

I cant belive he will be 2 in June, no more boob, going to get a big boy bed and move in the room with his big brother. he is growing so quick. next is potty training,but we will wait till he is sleeping all night in his own bed.
well Derrick has fallen asleep so I am going to get my floors done. I just am excited about almost having my chst back to myself for the first time in 5+ years, no more breast feeding and prego boobs here I come,lol

my weekend

We had such a great weekend. Saturday we took the kids to the street parade, They had a blast collecting the bead neckless's that were tossed into the crowds. Seriously my kids got so many beads. Jimmy walks around saying, Ya know you like my BLING,lol he is just too funny. even Derrick got into it till they got to heavy to have around his neck, I think he enjoyed the candy more. Brooklyn just loves the pink ones the most. we were going to head to the festival that evening but it looked like it might rain and I did not want to drop that amount of money for it to be rained out. so we took the kids to walmart and Jim bought them those rocket ballons that you blow up let go and they fly around the house making a screaming noise, I will tell you what those things are only a dollar, and they kept those kids laughing and running around the house all night.

So here comes Sunday, I love sundays we get up and go to church, which is a bit hard cause who wants to wake up at 7am on a sunday, not I. But the kids have sunday school at 9am and they really like it and I feel great after mass. so we go and it was just a great mass. we stop at dunkin donuts to get mommy her Ice Coffee, and some chocolate munchkins. Then after we ate we go to the festival and had so much fun, Brooklyn and Jimmy are taller so they got to ride tons of rides, my kids were on the scrambler(spelling,lol) You could see Jim and Jimmy but not little Brooklyn, she got off and had the biggest freakin smile on her face and wanted to go again, but Daddy is old and needed a break he was a bit dizzy,lol so we ate some yummy greasy food rode rides and just had a nice day. came home and it was dinner time so I made my famouse burgers out on the grill, gave baths but kids to bed, looked at the mess and said goodnight,lol so now I need to go clean my messy house,ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

on a great note Jimmy only has 8 more days of school, then its summer vacay, which means sleepin in unless I want to get up,hahaha

my husband has not had a smoke in almost a week, He is doing awesome. he did tell me after he completes the 10 week program on the patche he is getting a tat of the no smoking sign on his stomach by the lung,lol he is so funny, what if he starts back up look at me I quit 4x and I always start back up a year later, craziness..

well I need to clean and go to the gym to work off the greasy yummy fair food.

Friday, March 20, 2009

well lets see here, first we bought Jim the patch on sunday and he started it that day. I am happy to say he had only a few smokes on sunday and monday. And come tuesday he had none, I am so proud of him, this is his first attempt to quit and he is doing so good thus far. I call him daily at work and ask hey did you buy a pack and he says no, so thats awesome. even though there is this part of me like yea go ahead buy a pack so I can too,lol I quit awhile ago but I still went them, yesterday at the park i am pushing Derrick in the swing and this lady comes over and starts pushing her kid and lites up, and damn if I didnt think it smelled so good, which is crazy cause they do stink,lol but I will not lite up, and if Jim dont can you just imagine the money we will save between the two of us not smoking, I already added it up and all I can say is DAMN all that money we wasted over the years,lol

Jimmy graduates in a few days I am excited. I am so glad summer break is here,lol I need it, just to do what we want with not having to worry about school the next day. I am sure a few days after summer break starts I will be begging for school to start cause I know Brooklyn and Jimmy will be at each other,lol

So much I want to do in the next few months, first of course Is the trip to Ohio to see the family. Then I got Derricks 2nd birthday in June and Brooklyn's 4th birthday also in June. I want to paint the walls, Then I have Jimmy and Brooklyn sharing a room, but that will be done,lol well shes a girl and needs her own space plus she talks his ear off at night when he is trying to go to sleep,lol so we are changing the play room into her room, buying Derrick a big boy bed and moving him in with Jimmy. I hope it works out ok, we have always had a playroom but I now need the room. We have been talking about getting a bigger house but I just want to wait and save more money before we do that.

well I should get off and go clean so I can take the kids to the beach. till next time
oh and the pics are of Jimmy, Brooklyn and Derrick

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am a dork I am some how following my own blogs,lol

ears,graduation and Beach fun

well its been a great couple of weeks. First last weekend Brooklyn asked if she could get her ears pierced. I made the mistake of not piercing them when she was younger, cause I was scared to. so the past 2 years I have been trying to talk her into it with no such luck. well last Friday she asked us. so the next day we took them out to eat and then to the mall, where she picked her cute pink and white flower earings out, then she hopped on my lap and BANG!! she screamed,lol she cried for a bit then asked for her ice cream. so we went to the ice cream shop and the kids picked out there cones. Jim and I were still amazed that she did it we really thought she would have changed her mind. But she loves them and tells everyone look i got my ears pierced do you think they are pretty,lol

also The Flordia weather has gotten nice again, its been in the low 80s so we have been spending time at the beach again. Derrick is too cute he liked it last year but now that he is his own little person he is so darn cute. He loves the sea gulls, he chases them then when they fly away he gets a big wide eye look and his mouth makes such a big O and he yells bird, He loves the water so I think I will sign him up for swimming lessons with Jimmy and Brooklyn. Its gonna be a great summer at the beach with them this year!

Jimmy gets his graduation pictures done on Thursday, he will be wearing a cap and Gown. He is graduating from preschool and they go all out, caps and gowns, graduation pictures,year book, a school tee shirt and they are having it at a banquet hall, just crazziness but cute. He also got invited to a preschool graduation party from a class mate,lol I was like what am I suppose to have one,lol which I am not I am still recovering from his birthday party and I have to plan something for Brooklyn's and Derrick's birthdays in June.

we are suppose to be going to Ohio in April, and we are still saying we are but there might be a chance it will be in May, Jim had to fire two of his managers out of his Tampa office and not sure if he feels comfortable taking a week off with two newbies, though he might have one of his managers from his other office come down and keep things in order, just got to wait and see what he thinks, I want to go to Ohio, I miss our families like crazy.

well I should get off and finishing mopping the floors, why oh why did I get a house that is all tile and hardwood floors, the cleaning is going to kill me, seriously I will be buried with my mop,lol
as soon as I figure out how to work this blog web site I will start posting pictures like my friend Manda =) by the way manda when I come to Ohio I want to get together with you. well untill later.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

just a bit about who I am

well I decided to get a blog page, since I like to blog and dont go on my myspace as much anymore.

lets see about me, I have been married to my husband Jim for 6 years this april but we have been together since 1999. he is a great husband and father. We have a wonderful family together. My oldest Jimmy is 5 years old, he graduates from preschool in about 2 weeks. he is smart,loving, and just the best little boy. My daughter Brooklyn is 3 she will be 4 in June and I just dont know where the time has gone, it seems like only yesterdy I was in the hospital with her under the belly lamps holding her with all this love. Then there is my baby Derrick he will be 2 in June, and my oh my I swear in the last 3 months he has really grown he talks so much its so cute, they are my world!!
I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, so I really have no life outside them,lol I spend alot of time at the parks,zoo's, beach,ect.
well I will get on here when I have more time to give a better blog and I will post Pictures of my family as soon as I figure out how,lol