Friday, October 16, 2009

update on jimmy's ear

Well I started a blog on an update about Jimmy's hearing test a few days ago, but monster #3 (Derrick) erased it when I left the room for a min. So here is my 2nd attempt,lol

Well he did the hearing test, they stuck him in a sound proof room and hooked all kinds of things up to his little ears and then all kinds of charts came on the computer. After doing that for a few they then shut him in the soundproof room and she would ask him to say things back that he heard through the ear phones and to also raise his hands when he heard a beep. He did so well, but I knew something was not right. There was a few times she told him to say something and he just looked at her like he new she said something but was not sure. My heart stopped. As a Mom you want your kids to be happy and healthy and I am sitting there like oh Shit something is not right. Well after they were done she said His left ear is great, his right is having some problems. His little ear drum is dropped some and not picking up as well as it should. All I could do was say ok, is it perminent damage? Thankgod she said no that she can tell by looking at him and hearing him talk that he has some allergy and or sinus problems. And after thats taken care of they will retest him and he should do fine. Thank you Thank you Thank you is all I could think.

Now I knew he has allergies and they drive me nuts. His nose is always running and there are days his big brown eyes are just so red and puffy. When we went to the doctors the week before I had stressed my concerns on how to get his allergies under controll so he is on a allergy med and a nose inhaler and we are going to give it 2 weeks to see if he improves if not then we are going to have to check his sinuse cavity and go see a ear nose throat dr. So after thats all taking care of then his ear should also be ok. I nursed that little monster till he was 14 months old and man that kid has allergies to many things.

on another note, we want to Jimmys first school fall festival. It was so darn cute, they had bounce houses and games set up and little booths for nail painting, hair coloring, face painting, craft tables ect. They turned the music room into a dance club with music and disco balls and glow sticks. The kids had a blast!!! My husband even got into it . He is such a big kid!! I swear he was the only parent to do the potato sack race aginst the other kids,lol of course he made sure he fell a few times so he would get beat. I wish we would have had stuff like that while in school, it was nice fun for a family to do and the kids could also hang with thier school friends. And Jimmy has many, kids were running to him all night. The girls would pat him on the back say hi, giggle and run.hahaha

Jim had the day off. So the night before he tells me not to back Jimmy a full lunch just to put a few things in. So when it was coming on lunchtime at Jimmy's school Jim ran up to mcdonalds got him a happy meal and went and had a surprised lunch with Jimmy. Jim said it was perfect timeing, that jimmy was unpacking his lunch and kept looking in his lunch bag with a puzzled look like where is my sandwhich, he looked up and their was his daddy with mcdonalds! So Jim sat down and had lunch with Jimmy and his class. Jim said it was like a treat for all the other kids they kept trying to sit closer and asking Jim all kinds of questions.
Well then he picked Brooklyn up from school, and when she seen him I guess she yelled daddy and ran to him. He then took her to mcdonalds for a afterschool happy meal, cause in my house you cant get one kid something without doing the same for the other. So the kids loved it and I liked the fact I dint have to go get Brooklyn. So all in all it was a great day!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

do I have a right to be a bit annoyed

well its been pretty crazy here. First Jimmy didn't do so great with his hearing check at school. It didn't come back failed they just said he had difficulty. I took him to his Dr. just to make sure that there was no wax build up or fluid in his ears and there was not. I told the Dr. I was not worried I never had any signs of problems if anything he just was not paying attention as he is only 5 years old plus it was done at the begining of the school year and he most likely did not know what he was doing, so to be safe I have an appointment with him at 5 this evening for a correct hearing test for a kid at that age. I have no doubt he will do fine and pass.

well last week Brooklyn's teacher had pulled me aside to ask if I would sign a paper to let Brooklyn be observed for a speech problem, I said sure but why. They are worried about her speech. I was blown away. well at the same time we were talking Brooklyn runs up and says mommy did you bring my homework, and the teacher then says that the first time she has heard Brooklyn say a sentence. well OK If you have never heard her talk a sentence how can you think there is a problem, DUH!!!! anyways the guy called yesterday to discuss what he observed with her. He said she didn't want to talk much and I said well 1. she is very shy and 2. your a male (shes is not big on males) he said he asked her if she knew her ABC she said yes he said will you say them . she said no, he then asked do you know them but don't want to tell me and she said yes.
anyways he says he thinks she could have a problem that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have her checked out. Then he goes she don't seem to like to talk. I laughed I said I am a mother of 3 kids and Brooklyn is my loudest child and from the moment she wakes up till she finally zonks out she don't shut up. He was like really, I then said I have never heard her talk in any way that would concern me she also has a big vocabulary for her age. The only problem I see is how shy she is and that my husband and i are looking into putting her in a after school activity to help open her up. he asked if I would like him to refer him to someone to have her really checked out, I said i would talk to Jim and get back with him.

well Jim came home I told him and he then says what do you think, I said I am against it cause I really don't see a issue at all with her speech. I said I was leaving the decision up to him. He agreed with me of course so I am done with it.
now please don't get me wrong I am not one of those moms who thinks their kid is perfect and nothing could be wrong. If I thought for a second that she could benefit from some help she would be there really quick. I am her mother and I know my child and I believe she is fine and just needs to come out of her shell and mature a bit.
I then called my mom just to see what she thought and she agreed with me, she said my younger sister had a hard time saying words with rs when she was younger and after she grew there was no issue. she said if Kari(my sis) was a kid now a days they would probably be telling her the same stuff, she said that the schools now kind of get into to much of our business then they should. And I agree. now if a kid is coming to school dirty or bruised up by all means do get involved just to be safe, but don't tell me there is a speech problem when she does not talk to you.

so now I need to find something to interest her in so she can be with other kids and help her stop being so shy. plus blackmail works really good in my house,lol is that bad?hahaha so I told her if she starts talking more at school and just a little louder so they can hear her I will take her to toys r us at the end of the month and give her $20.00 to spend on what she wants,lol she is excited so we will see how that works.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missing beautiful Fall

Missing Fall big time right about now. Its football season and to me that just screams sweatshirts and sweats good warm food like chilli or stews and a cold crisp air coming through the window as green, brown orange yellow leaves fall onto the yard. * SIGH*

I love it here in Sunny Florida but I guess if you grow up and enjoy the changes in seasons then that is going to be a thing you miss. raking leaves and letting the kids jump into the piles would be fun and they would love it for sure!!

even stinking winter, as much as I hate the snow. The idea of sitting on the couch with a blanket and a good book as the pretty white snow comes down and the kids enjoy a cup of hot chocolate The way its meant to be. Even running out and playing in the snow would be nice for them and bring good memories from my childhood.

Then Spring another good season, where everything just seems so new and bright after months of cold white snow that then turns gray and icky. The excitement of school ending for the summer.

Well nothing to write about summer cause that's a season I don't get a chance to miss much,lol
It should be cooling down here soon and then we can enjoy our chilli's and hot chocolates. The other morning I woke up and made my coffee and went out into the sun room to drink it and have some peace and Melinda time before I had to wake the kids for school, well as I walked out I turned right around and grabbed the blanket of the couch to wrap in. It was chilly at 74 degrees,hahaha I just sat and enjoyed the chilliness thinking how all my friends and family back in Ohio would just love to have weather like that, its cold to me but warm to them.

Its funny to think how when we moved here in 2007 from Michigan, we would laugh at our friends who had to put a coat on to go out and smoke and that first year we never turned our heat on. but after the first year we must have adjusted and now if it drops in low to mid 70s we are chilly. and we actually used our heat for a few times last winter. haha!!

well I should stop dreaming about Fall in Ohio and go get dinner started as soon as I figure out what, Sundays I usually have a big meal planed but not today I am just a bit beat, so I am thinking something quick and simple..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

just a sat. night at home

well its Saturday night and all kids were asleep by 930pm, how nice is that. I should be mopping, sometimes I swear I should just have a mop as one of my legs, its all I do. My house is all tile and hardwood and I have 3 messy kids so you can just imagine what my floors look like and then understand why I mop all the time. But I think I am skipping it tonight. I will just give a quick sweep cause you know the crumbs are all over the place and the sand.
OH the freakin sand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and living in Florida but seriously the sand is out of control, I have to clean the kids tub every night after baths because of the crazy sand that seems to attache its self to my children.

well things have been pretty good around here, except my ear. A few weeks back I got really really sick (Brooklyn and Derrick too) anyways after I finally started to get over it my ear started to feel strange. Like clogged up wear you hear the ocean, well I had to take Derrick for a ear checkup and I mentioned my ear to the Dr. he said he could look at it to make sure its not infected but he wouldn't be able to give me anything as he is a pediatrician, I thought cool save myself a trip to the Dr's unless its infected. well he said I am backed up just full of fluid and that really there is nothing to do unless it starts to hurt and gets infected. he said it could take a few weeks to drain out. Its been like 3 now and It is really starting to piss me off!! I cant hear right which just puts me off my game. I have decided if its still this bad by Wednesday I am calling my Dr. and they have to do something, right????

well my big boy had his award celebration at school this pass week, I was sou proud and he looked so big and cute. I have pics from first day of school and more but I cant figure out how to download them, I always download and I must have forgotten how. I will MAKE Jim do it tomorrow and I will watch a be like oh that's right, like the moron I can be. So as soon as they are downloaded I will post some pics of my kids. I cant believe how big they are. Jimmy will be 6 in Nov. 6!!! I cant believe it, he is such a wonderful kid a bit whiny at times but overall one of the best kids I have ever seen and yes its a bit bias,lol Brooklyn is doing great, she really is learning alot at school and making friends. Its so neat seeing them with their friends, they way they talk and play together. And my baby Derrick what a little shit he has become, but he is so cute you cant stay mad for long. My hubby had to go buy a snake for drains because of him, he has stuffed and clogged the two toilets, 1 sink and the tub. Don't ask what or how, he is amazing with being sneaky and fast. But as i said he is just so darn cute and silly.

I also have so much on my mind, my sister is getting married in a year and its SO hard to help plan her wedding living so far. I kind of feel bad like I am letting her down by not being able to help more, I am hoping to go in the spring to pick dresses out but we will see how money is cause its not like I would feel comfy leaving my kids, so they would come and then knowing Jim he will want to come if he has vacay, cant go back to out hometown without him,lol
I also have this friend that I have gotten to know better over facebook/myspace and she is going threw some stuff and I really feel for her so it been on my mind too. I just sometimes really wish I lived in Ohio so I could see and hang with my friends and family, and also my kids could have their family, but the thought of moving back there with the snow,lol is just not that appealing,lol

well I really should go sweep and go to bed. so till next time.....