Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my new niece

I have a new niece she is a doll baby. I am so in love with her, i just wanted to stick her in my suitcase and bring her home. she makes me want another so bad. But I really think I am done, if I was to have a baby everytime I get that empty feeling I will have one every year,lol my oldest is 5 and my daughter will be 4 in June and my baby ( not so much a baby) will be 2 in June. and I am loving this chapter of motherhood, I can leave the house with no worries of a baby, I am FINALLY done nursing. YEA!!!!! my body is mine after all these years, there is a bit more of it then I want,lol but hell its all mine!!!!!! well I just had to drop a few lines on my new niece Elizabeth Ashley Ann, cause she stole my heart=) dont she look like a doll!!!
well I dont even know where to start.........its been a nice few weeks. First we drove from Florida to Ohio for easter, now thats one hell of a long drive,lol and throw a 5 year old a almost 4 year old and a almost 2 year old with that and it will be a adventure,lol but no really it was not that bad.

we did end up stoping half way and getting a room, which helped make it feel more like a vacay.
We ended up staying at my brother in laws house, which was really nice. The kids got to play with there cousins, and we didnt feel like we steped on anyone.
It was awesome to see all our fam. everyone is doing well. I am a bit worried about my grandmother, she has lost so much weight she looks about 90lbs, her face looks like tight skin on a skull,it freaked me out! thankgod my dad,sis and aunt gave me a heads up. her spirt is great she just dont feel right and noone seems to know why. I just cant belive how she looks I just seen her about 9 months ago and she seemed fine. I will just keep her in my prayers and hope her health turns around.
Easter was nice, the kids loved the easter baskets they got from the bunny =) and the grandparents. We ate at my dads first which started out nice, then Drama started, me and my older sister got into it. I love my sis. but seriously I cant stand her at times, she just acts and talks like she is better then everyone and it drives me completley nuts. I usually bite my lip cause I want to have a relationship with her and have been trying but I could not take her phoney I am better then you attitude another second and I blew up and probably a little to much on my part, seriously I just wanter to grab the frakin food and throw it on her!!! I am going to be 30 but man she just pushes my buttons so much I feel like I go back to a 15 year old hard ass,lol So we leave and go to Jims brothers house for dinner part 2 alot less drama,lol
later that night I sign in on my facebook and my sis deleted me,lmao seriously!!! are you freakin kidding me I am like dude your 35 grow the F**k up!!!!!! oh well, I am just tired and done with trying!!
anyways the reast of the visit was nice and went to fast.. The thursday before I was to leave I met up with a few friends from highschool at mcdonalds with our kids, it was nice, there was 6 of us and our 17 kids,lol I almost wish I lived closer so we could have playdates and stuff, it was nice seeing them and reconnecting on a adult level. I thank myspace/facebook for giving me a way to get to know them after all these years and miles. It truly was a blast!!
so then we had to get in the van for another 19 hour drive home to beautiful,sunny Florida =) we were sad to have to go but so happy to be heading home. now let me tell you the drive is very loooong let alone throw my hubbys gas into the mix,OMG I wanted to kill him, it was soo painfull yet funny at the same time, I needed to shower after being in that car,lol
but anyways now we are home, and still trying to get back to the way things roll here. I need to go clean the house up so I can get to bed, we have alot of things going on around here and a mommy with no sleep is a baaad thing,lol till next time

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


well its been awhile since my last blog. Things have just been a bit busy, doing what I am not sure but its like I get up and before I know it its time to get the kids to bed and sit down and relax with the hubby.

well first my oldest Jimmy graduated on the 10th (from preschool,lol) It was such a cute graduation ceremony, his class sang rock in robin,haha it was too cute. then the classes Spanish teacher had them count to 30 in Spanish and the class then sang a song in Spanish. I must say I was a proud mama watching her big boy sang in his cap and gown. then they called the kids up and would say something about them and give them a bag that had there graduation picture on it and inside there diploma, a plaque with there handprint and there yearbook and class tee shirt. when they called up Jimmy they said " Jimmy - most likely to be a legendary Karate Master,even better then Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris combined." I laughed my butt off cause its true well that and he wants to be a filthy rich doctor so he can fly back to Midland, Michigan to see his girlfriend Alyssa,lol I find it amusing that we have not lived in Michigan since 2007 and he has not seen her since but he still talks about her and how shes his girl,lol I will post a picture of Jimmy in his cap and gown as soon as my husband looks at the scanner, I cant get it to work.

I am leaving on Friday for Ohio, I am so excited!! Its going to be one hell of a drive, but it should be better then the last time when Derrick was only 5 months old and wanting the boob every minute,lol I made my list's,now I need to do my shopping and packing, FUN FUN FUN!!
I might have to go buy Brooklyn some warm clothes she has not pants that fit her. The boys are good I think. Then there is the problem with shoes, Brooklyn will not wear anything but flip flops, she is such a Florida girl,lol
I cant wait to see the family's and friends. I want some Wedgwood pizza,yummy its been way to long since I had any. I don't know where we are staying yet, my mom moved out of her house and got a apartment for her and my younger brother and I know we can stay there but come on 7 people in a 2 bedroom apartment, no thanks. Then I know I can stay at my dads but my brother lives there with his girlfriend who is due to have a baby any minute (yes my 27 year old brother still lives at home, another story,lol) I will not stay at my mother in laws, her place is to messy and might make me have a heart attack,lol we will probably end up at my brother in laws if I am comfy,lol I say lets get a motel for the week and not put anyone out, its not like there is just 2 of us we are a family of 5 with 3 loud kids 5 and under. I dont want to sound picky I am not I just want to feel comfy and not feel like a burden on anyone.
but no matter what we do I know everyone just wants to see us. well I should get off and start washing some walls while I have energy,haha