Thursday, January 28, 2010

just a new update

Wow Its been awhile since I found the time to write. Things have been. The kids are doing awesome. Jimmy is doing so good in kindergarten he is reading on a 1st grade level. I really could not be more prouder of him, he loves and enjoys to learn and takes things in so easy. Brooklyn is doing good too, I did her flash cards with her and was surprised at how much she has learned, thank god! She is such a smart child but she is stubborn and if she don't want to do something she sure as hell will not back down easy,haha! I had to get pictures of her over each stage of her life and write a little not to her for her preschool yearbook. I cant believe how big she is and how much she has changed over the last 4 years. so sad but also very happy and proud of my girly girl. as for the stubborn attitude of hers it drives me nuts but I know it will be a good quality for her to have as she is older, she will be a leader and not a follower and I think that's awesome. there are so many things I want for my kids to do/be but my main thing is I want her(and my boys) to have great confidence in themselves, be outgoing and to enjoy life and all it can and will offer them.

Derrick is a terror,OH MY GOD... he is soo much fun but he wears me out, full of energy and I see him acting more and more like Brooklyn,lol He is so smart for his age and seems to have no fear. I took him to get a fohawk today he looks so freakin cute!!!!

its been pretty cold here in Florida so far this winter I am hoping it warms up soon and stays. I need the heat and sun, I seem to fell better about myself and have more energy with it. I need to start hitting the gym back up daily, I have not been going as much as I would like because of the weather and also with 3 kids they each take turns with the colds. I can usually hit the gym in the evening when Jim gets home if the kids are sick but I like going in the morning instead cause come evening I am beat have to do dinner, baths,homework and then I just want to lay on the couch with the hubby till its time for bed. If I go in the am then I have more energy to get things done and enjoy the evening with the family. it wont be long now and then I will be complaining its soooo hot but honestly I like the hot weather better then the cold.

I finally got the boys bunk beds and they love it and I love that they have more space, I need to paint the boys room still and I want to look into getting some book shelves for them but good ones, I swear they just don't make good furniture like they use to. all my kids dressers have a broken drawer its crazy!!!

and then there is Dell pissing me off, my laptop started acting funny so Jim decided to download all our pictures onto disks just in case well after it was not working anymore, so we called dell and damn my husband forgot to renew the warranty! anyways we purchased a new one sent the laptop in they sent it back saying they fixed the fan and battery and had ordered us a new hard drive and that would be arriving soon. well the hard drive came and he put it in and nothing so he calls dell back and they say it sounds like the motherboard(which is not covered under warranty) we say no its not that we had two letters saying it was tested and the problems was the fan/hard drive that the motherboard was in good condition. then they tell us we were charged for the hard drive which we should not have been it was covered under our new warranty, so Jim talked to 5 different people, finally the guy said they will send a box out for us to ship it back and see whats going on and also took the cost of the new harddrive off, seriously we had to talk to 5 freakin morons for that!!! So now we wait and I swear they better not say mother board or I will go nuts and you will be seeing me in the news,lol

ughhhhhhhhhhhh stupid rude people just rub me wrong. well I should go cause Derrick is quiet and that can not be good.haha till the next time

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