Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missing beautiful Fall

Missing Fall big time right about now. Its football season and to me that just screams sweatshirts and sweats good warm food like chilli or stews and a cold crisp air coming through the window as green, brown orange yellow leaves fall onto the yard. * SIGH*

I love it here in Sunny Florida but I guess if you grow up and enjoy the changes in seasons then that is going to be a thing you miss. raking leaves and letting the kids jump into the piles would be fun and they would love it for sure!!

even stinking winter, as much as I hate the snow. The idea of sitting on the couch with a blanket and a good book as the pretty white snow comes down and the kids enjoy a cup of hot chocolate The way its meant to be. Even running out and playing in the snow would be nice for them and bring good memories from my childhood.

Then Spring another good season, where everything just seems so new and bright after months of cold white snow that then turns gray and icky. The excitement of school ending for the summer.

Well nothing to write about summer cause that's a season I don't get a chance to miss much,lol
It should be cooling down here soon and then we can enjoy our chilli's and hot chocolates. The other morning I woke up and made my coffee and went out into the sun room to drink it and have some peace and Melinda time before I had to wake the kids for school, well as I walked out I turned right around and grabbed the blanket of the couch to wrap in. It was chilly at 74 degrees,hahaha I just sat and enjoyed the chilliness thinking how all my friends and family back in Ohio would just love to have weather like that, its cold to me but warm to them.

Its funny to think how when we moved here in 2007 from Michigan, we would laugh at our friends who had to put a coat on to go out and smoke and that first year we never turned our heat on. but after the first year we must have adjusted and now if it drops in low to mid 70s we are chilly. and we actually used our heat for a few times last winter. haha!!

well I should stop dreaming about Fall in Ohio and go get dinner started as soon as I figure out what, Sundays I usually have a big meal planed but not today I am just a bit beat, so I am thinking something quick and simple..

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