Saturday, October 3, 2009

just a sat. night at home

well its Saturday night and all kids were asleep by 930pm, how nice is that. I should be mopping, sometimes I swear I should just have a mop as one of my legs, its all I do. My house is all tile and hardwood and I have 3 messy kids so you can just imagine what my floors look like and then understand why I mop all the time. But I think I am skipping it tonight. I will just give a quick sweep cause you know the crumbs are all over the place and the sand.
OH the freakin sand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and living in Florida but seriously the sand is out of control, I have to clean the kids tub every night after baths because of the crazy sand that seems to attache its self to my children.

well things have been pretty good around here, except my ear. A few weeks back I got really really sick (Brooklyn and Derrick too) anyways after I finally started to get over it my ear started to feel strange. Like clogged up wear you hear the ocean, well I had to take Derrick for a ear checkup and I mentioned my ear to the Dr. he said he could look at it to make sure its not infected but he wouldn't be able to give me anything as he is a pediatrician, I thought cool save myself a trip to the Dr's unless its infected. well he said I am backed up just full of fluid and that really there is nothing to do unless it starts to hurt and gets infected. he said it could take a few weeks to drain out. Its been like 3 now and It is really starting to piss me off!! I cant hear right which just puts me off my game. I have decided if its still this bad by Wednesday I am calling my Dr. and they have to do something, right????

well my big boy had his award celebration at school this pass week, I was sou proud and he looked so big and cute. I have pics from first day of school and more but I cant figure out how to download them, I always download and I must have forgotten how. I will MAKE Jim do it tomorrow and I will watch a be like oh that's right, like the moron I can be. So as soon as they are downloaded I will post some pics of my kids. I cant believe how big they are. Jimmy will be 6 in Nov. 6!!! I cant believe it, he is such a wonderful kid a bit whiny at times but overall one of the best kids I have ever seen and yes its a bit bias,lol Brooklyn is doing great, she really is learning alot at school and making friends. Its so neat seeing them with their friends, they way they talk and play together. And my baby Derrick what a little shit he has become, but he is so cute you cant stay mad for long. My hubby had to go buy a snake for drains because of him, he has stuffed and clogged the two toilets, 1 sink and the tub. Don't ask what or how, he is amazing with being sneaky and fast. But as i said he is just so darn cute and silly.

I also have so much on my mind, my sister is getting married in a year and its SO hard to help plan her wedding living so far. I kind of feel bad like I am letting her down by not being able to help more, I am hoping to go in the spring to pick dresses out but we will see how money is cause its not like I would feel comfy leaving my kids, so they would come and then knowing Jim he will want to come if he has vacay, cant go back to out hometown without him,lol
I also have this friend that I have gotten to know better over facebook/myspace and she is going threw some stuff and I really feel for her so it been on my mind too. I just sometimes really wish I lived in Ohio so I could see and hang with my friends and family, and also my kids could have their family, but the thought of moving back there with the snow,lol is just not that appealing,lol

well I really should go sweep and go to bed. so till next time.....

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