Tuesday, October 13, 2009

do I have a right to be a bit annoyed

well its been pretty crazy here. First Jimmy didn't do so great with his hearing check at school. It didn't come back failed they just said he had difficulty. I took him to his Dr. just to make sure that there was no wax build up or fluid in his ears and there was not. I told the Dr. I was not worried I never had any signs of problems if anything he just was not paying attention as he is only 5 years old plus it was done at the begining of the school year and he most likely did not know what he was doing, so to be safe I have an appointment with him at 5 this evening for a correct hearing test for a kid at that age. I have no doubt he will do fine and pass.

well last week Brooklyn's teacher had pulled me aside to ask if I would sign a paper to let Brooklyn be observed for a speech problem, I said sure but why. They are worried about her speech. I was blown away. well at the same time we were talking Brooklyn runs up and says mommy did you bring my homework, and the teacher then says that the first time she has heard Brooklyn say a sentence. well OK If you have never heard her talk a sentence how can you think there is a problem, DUH!!!! anyways the guy called yesterday to discuss what he observed with her. He said she didn't want to talk much and I said well 1. she is very shy and 2. your a male (shes is not big on males) he said he asked her if she knew her ABC she said yes he said will you say them . she said no, he then asked do you know them but don't want to tell me and she said yes.
anyways he says he thinks she could have a problem that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have her checked out. Then he goes she don't seem to like to talk. I laughed I said I am a mother of 3 kids and Brooklyn is my loudest child and from the moment she wakes up till she finally zonks out she don't shut up. He was like really, I then said I have never heard her talk in any way that would concern me she also has a big vocabulary for her age. The only problem I see is how shy she is and that my husband and i are looking into putting her in a after school activity to help open her up. he asked if I would like him to refer him to someone to have her really checked out, I said i would talk to Jim and get back with him.

well Jim came home I told him and he then says what do you think, I said I am against it cause I really don't see a issue at all with her speech. I said I was leaving the decision up to him. He agreed with me of course so I am done with it.
now please don't get me wrong I am not one of those moms who thinks their kid is perfect and nothing could be wrong. If I thought for a second that she could benefit from some help she would be there really quick. I am her mother and I know my child and I believe she is fine and just needs to come out of her shell and mature a bit.
I then called my mom just to see what she thought and she agreed with me, she said my younger sister had a hard time saying words with rs when she was younger and after she grew there was no issue. she said if Kari(my sis) was a kid now a days they would probably be telling her the same stuff, she said that the schools now kind of get into to much of our business then they should. And I agree. now if a kid is coming to school dirty or bruised up by all means do get involved just to be safe, but don't tell me there is a speech problem when she does not talk to you.

so now I need to find something to interest her in so she can be with other kids and help her stop being so shy. plus blackmail works really good in my house,lol is that bad?hahaha so I told her if she starts talking more at school and just a little louder so they can hear her I will take her to toys r us at the end of the month and give her $20.00 to spend on what she wants,lol she is excited so we will see how that works.

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  1. I am with you completely! I mean how in the hell can some one tell you that your child has a speech problem when the only words they are saying to them are yes/no??? I mean isn't he supposed to be educated... what the hell!!! I would be pissed!!!!