Friday, September 25, 2009


I got the best news yesterday!!! I had a conference with Jimmy's teacher to see how his testing went. They test them at the beginning of the year, then midway and then at the end of the year.
Well he did awesome, he did better then most kids in his class. He is in the highest reading group they have at that grade level, and by the end of the year they want all kids to score a 80% or higher. Well its the beginning of the year and they started testing the 2ND week of school just to see where kids are at. So they don't have high expectations for them to be at 80% at the start of the year. Well I am proud to say my son scored a 77%, I am so freakin over the moon. I knew he was smart but come on I am his mom so its wonderful to hear from the teacher that he is above average.

I just hope to keep him wanting to learn more and more as he grows. we do learning games daily and read daily. He loves the library, which we go to at least once a week. And I am already giving him spelling words which he has to write 5XS a night, its not like I am being tough on him at this young age, he really enjoys it. I try to do it with Brooklyn but she is still young and don't have to much of a interest, she only turned 4 in June. She does love to read and write and stuff like that, but after 10. Min's she has had enough. SO I don't push her. Each kid is different and each kid has their own way and time of doing things, I just want them to know that we are here for them and give them the tools to exceed.

well after the teacher gave us the wonderful news of his test scores, she then told us he was picked for student of the month. I could not be prouder!!!! my baby is student of the month and the first one of the new school year at that, how awesome!!!!
Then as we are leaving another teacher and the Secretary stopped us to tell us what a wonderful boy Jimmy is and that we should be proud knowing we are doing a great job raising him. I swear I could get compliments like that all day. I know my kids are smart and beautiful and usually good, but its really great to hear that from others.
Now don't get me wrong they can be evil little demons who make me want to rip my hair out from time to time but I am so grateful that I can be their mother and help them become their own person.

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